About Us

Blu Oasis, nestled in Dubai's serene desert, seamlessly blends luxury with tranquility. Our oasis invites you to indulge in modern elegance, gourmet dining, and immersive experiences. A haven where opulence meets nature, Blu Oasis promises refined living under the enchanting night sky and the sun's golden embrace.


Dive into luxury: Experience refreshing bliss at the Blu Oasis pool.

Have Dinner

Have a wonderful meal at Blu Oasis, with delicious food waiting for you.

Cocktail bar

Sip in style: Indulge in exquisite mixology at Blu Oasis cocktail bar.

Stay the night

Embrace the night: Your unforgettable stay awaits at Blu Oasis.

Stay the night

Embrace the Night: Your Unforgettable Stay Awaits at Blu Oasis

Have dinner

Savor the Evening: Culinary Delights Await at Blu Oasis Dining Experience.

Cocktail bar

Sip in Style: Indulge in Exquisite Mixology at Blu Oasis Cocktail Bar.


Dive into Luxury: Experience Refreshing Bliss at the Blu Oasis Pool Oasis.


Discover Vibrant Nights: Unmatched Entertainment Awaits at Blu Oasis Lounge.

Blu Oasis By Night

As the sun sets, Blu Oasis becomes a mesmerizing wonderland beneath the desert night sky. Moonlight illuminates the dunes, casting a celestial glow over our luxury oasis. The gentle desert breeze harmonizes with the serene ambiance, creating an enchanting atmosphere for stargazing on private terraces and indulging in exquisite dining. Blu Oasis by night beckons you to embrace the tranquility and luxury of our exclusive desert retreat.

Blu Oasis By Day

With the sunrise, Blu Oasis emerges as a sun-kissed haven in the heart of the Dubai desert. Wake up to panoramic views from your luxurious suite and indulge in outdoor activities, from refreshing infinity pools to adventurous desert safaris. Our oasis thrives under the sun, offering al fresco dining with a fusion of flavors inspired by the desert's diverse landscape. Blu Oasis by day promises a sensory journey, inviting you to savor moments of luxury, relaxation, and the boundless natural beauty of our desert sanctuary.